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Cedar Shake install project

Before & After

worn down siding on attic room
front shot of attic room renovation
before photo of heavily damaged siding on attic room
sunny side photo of post renovation
after photo of heavily damaged siding renovation
finished photo of street facing wall with windows

New Deck Project

the beginning of a new deck project in Maryland
side phtot of new deck project
finished photograph of new deck project in Annapolis, MD

New Floors. Trim and paint job.

new floors installed in Annapolis, MD
hardwood floor installation
new floor, trim and paint job in Annapolis
nook area of hardwood floor job

Fixing damaged home

due to improper flashing detail of stone and windows/doors

fixing damaged home
picture of damaged home foundation before repairs
entrance of house before fixing damages in Annapolis
picture of removed wall before renovation
before picture of the left front of house before beginning construction
drain on the front right side of the house
 blue house project before photo
another before photo of the blue house project in Annapolis
blue house project after photo
after photo of blue house renovations in Annapolis, MD
entrance of blue house after finishing construction