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Commercial water loss insurance claim

Flooded office

picture of an offices meeting room before we started water extraction and clean up in Maryland
hallway and common area of a flooded office before we performed water mitigation

Drying and reinsulating

picture of a broken sprinkler line showing where the water damage started
the floor of the office before we started drying and reinsulating
photo showing the plastic used as a containment barrier
framework of the office we are performing water mitigation for
commercial water damage repair
a drying operation performed near Annapolis, MD
reinsulating main entrance of a business in Annapolis, MD
picture of the ceiling of the entrance


after picture of flooded office restoration in Annapolis, MD
common area of office after fixing flood damage
another picture of the same office after fixing water damage
main entrance after fixing water damages in Annapolis, MD
same entranceway after flood damage restoration
another picture of the same entranceway from a different angle

Corporate office building


we repaired the floor of a corporate office building here in Annapolis
a photo taken before the restorations were completed
corporate office building restoration project in Maryland
floor before starting our coporate office building construction project


corporate office restoration job performed in Annapolis, MD
picture taken after finishing a corporate office restoration in Annapolis, MD
hallway of office after finishing restorations in Annapolis, MD